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Download the statement 软件及资料下载声明 2019-2-28 01:41 Views: 2824

本站点上的所有软件和资料均为软件作者提供和网友推荐收集整理而来,仅供学习和研究使用。如有侵犯您的版权,请电邮至邮箱 指出,本站将立即改正。LD协作组(LastDream)(以下简称“LD”)对互联网版权绝对支持,净化网络版权环境。






All the software and materials on this site are provided by the author of the software and collected by the user recommendation, only for study and research. If there is any infringement of your copyright, please email to: We will correct it immediately. LastDream (hereinafter referred to as "LD") absolutely supports the Internet copyright and purifies the network copyright environment.

Users who visit this website must understand that LD does not have any right to the downloaded software and materials, and the copyright belongs to the legal owner of the downloaded resources.

The website guarantees that all downloadable resources (software, etc.) provided in the website are provided as is, and the website has not made any changes; However, this website does not guarantee the accuracy, safety and integrity of the download resources provided by this website; At the same time, the website does not assume any form of loss or injury caused to itself or others by users using these download resources.

According to the regulations on the protection of computer software on January 1, 2002, anyone who USES software by means of installation, display, transmission or storage for the purpose of learning and studying the design ideas and principles contained in the software may not obtain permission from, or pay remuneration to, the software copyright owner. In view of this, we also hope that the research software! Thank you very much!

No matter what situation we are not liable due to the use or not use this web site provides information caused by the direct, indirect, incidental, special or the aftermath of spirit loss, loss, liability or interrupt any liability (either predictable or unpredictable, even though we have been told this possibility).

If any software or materials on this site infringe your copyright, please contact us, this site is not responsible for any legal responsibility for all resources!!!

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